An Interview with Kevin Quantum

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The irrepressible & sorcerous talent that is Kevin Quantum is returning to the Fringe

Hello Kevin, so where ya at, geographically speaking?
I’m in Edinburgh, near the Botanic Gardens. Lovely part of the world.

When did you first realise you were, well, magical?
After being on a reality TV show. I was a physicist up until 12 years ago. Then I was plucked from obscurity to go on C4’s Faking It and found I had not just an aptitude but a love for being on stage. So I ceased the PhD and became a magician. Needless to say mummy was surprised.

You are a Guinness World Record Breaker, can you tell us about it?
Sure, like most of my work it was a collaboration, this time between myself and Royal Blind Charity here in Edinburgh. We brought 2000+ people together and I taught them a magic trick. The biggest magic lesson ever! It was so surreal.

What does Kevin Quantum like to do when he’s not being, well, magical?
I play in a tennis league, I compose music for guitar and bass, I spend time with my family. My daughter is 4 now and I love spending time with her. I have a huge family (mum is one of 9 kids and dad is one of 7 so lots of cousins, uncles, aunts etc ) and I’m one of 4 kids myself. We’re close and I really take the time to spend time with them. I love them all.

You know a good show when its happened, what are the special ingredients?
From the performer’s side, there are three things. 1) attention to detail. 2) Rehearsal. 3) Heart.

What does your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?
Well it’s definitely summer, and I’m somewhere warm but with a gentle breeze. And I have a scifi book and nothing on my to do list. That’s real magic.

Which corner of the planet has inspired you the most, & why?
This year Adelaide, I got so much from watching the shows at the Adelaide Fringe in February. And so many of my friends from the Antipodes are here this year! Check out Josh Glancy, Tom Walker, Zach and Viggo amazing acts. A wonderful city. I made friends and won awards and had sell out crowds. Kinda the perfect overseas tour. I’m not really one for the city-city tour circuit. It’s pretty tough moving every day somewhere new, so when a festival opportunity arrises then I’m well up for it. Edinburgh and Adelaide have lots in common, they both come alive during the fringe. I felt right at home.

What is it about being performing in front of other people that makes you tick?
The buzz. The adrenaline. It’s the best. With the magic/science thing I get to be an engineer when not performing building cool props and illusions.

You’re performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe; what are you bringing to the table?
This year it’s NEON FUTURE. A show that examines what the future is. With magic. And laughs. In it I examine our evolution using the only discipline able to illustrate our incredible possible futures, here, in the present: magic. Having spent half of my adult life studying physics and half magic, I explore the exotic space where science and magic meet.

What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for Kevin Quantum?
Moving house! And to be honest, not too much more. I’ll likely plan a tour and get on with other jobs when they come along 🙂

Neon Future

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

July 31 – Aug 26 (18:00)


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